Poster submissions for NUEC 2014


There is under a week to go until this year’s National Undergraduate Emergency Conference! If you have booked a place we are looking forward to seeing you! If you haven’t booked a place yet, you have until midnight of Wednesday 29th October to book a place.

We are looking for posters to be presented at the event during the lunch break to other delegates and to a panel of judges. This is a fantastic opportunity to present a poster at a national level and to receive feedback from a variety of markers. Prizes shall be awarded for the top three submissions. Additionally, on submitting a poster, you shall receive five pounds back of your ticket cost.

To submit a poster, please use our submission form here. There is no strict criteria for entries, although the poster has to be suitable for an Emergency Medicine conference. You will need to provide an A1 printed copy of your poster so that we can display it on the day.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.